best drum multi-tool

Best Drum Multi-Tool | 2022

The maintenance of a drum set is a lot easier when you have the best drum multi-tool by your side. A drum set is a huge and complex instrument, so things break and get loose more often than not. If you’re a drummer or a drum tech, you should carry around any tools you might …

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best drum racks

Best Drum Racks | 2022

Why would you buy one of the best drum racks, you might ask? Well, for a couple of reasons. When you have a wall of stands in front of you and their legs start getting in the way of each other, it’s time to consider using a drum rack instead. Drum sets are not only …

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best electronic drum sets

Best Electronic Drum Sets | 2022

Introduction Nowadays it’s not as easy to pick the best electronic drum sets as it once was since there’re so many great options to choose from. They have evolved so much in the last couple of decades that they’re getting closer and closer to the experience of playing an acoustic kit. I’m pretty sure you …

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best drum hardware pack

Best Drum Hardware Pack | 2022

Are hardware packs the way to go?  They might be! You should always pick the Best Drum Hardware Pack you can afford. Why? Well, mainly because drum hardware is to a drum kit, what your skeleton is to you, it acts as the foundation. You can’t have a drum set without hardware, since it holds …

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best drum set for kids

Best Drum Set For Kids | 2022

Introduction Looking for the best drum set for kids? That probably means you’re the future mother/father of a rockstar, am I right? All jokes aside, music is one of the best hobbies any kid could have, mostly because it: Improves your memory; Is great stress relief; Builds discipline; Gives you a sense of accomplishment; Expands …

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