Drumming since 1999

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Im Jorge, I‘ve been drumming since 1999, and it has been my life ever since.

Back in the dayI used my mom‘s pots and pans as my “custom drum set” and some old markers as drum sticks.

At the age of 6I joined a local music school where I ended up learning the basics: How to set up a drum kit, how to tune a drum setdrum rudiments, basic beats and fillsplaying with a metronome, reading drum sheet.

In middle schoolI ended up making the move to a bigger and “better” music school where I vastly expanded my knowledge.

At the age of 17, in 2010, I started playing live gigs with local bands (barssmall venues and medium sized festivals). That translated to me joining bigger bands, playing more nationwide shows and some international ones, and of coursebigger venues and festivals. Thankfully, ever since 2010, I played at least 100 shows every year, and I made a career out of my passion.

UnfortunatelyI haven’t played a single show since March 2020, for obvious reasons. That’s when I decided while scrolling through drum communitiessites, and blogs, that I should start my own website about drums, hopefully build a nice community and help newcomers while learning a thing or two along the way.

There already a few drumming blogs on the market (some of them pretty good, honestly), so my plan is to bring the most honest reviews possible, that don’t focus on selling whatever crap has stock on Amazon, the most in depth guides and a variety of educational materials. Fingers crossed the blog will be as good as I plan it to be.

Now, stop procrastinating and get back to your Swiss Army Triplets!

Jorge G.