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best snare stand

Best Snare Stand | 2022

As a drummer, the best snare stand isn’t usually that exciting when compared to all the gear we use daily. The truth is, the snare drum is the most played piece of any kit, and the older and more experienced we get, the more we value a good quality snare drum stand. When shopping for …

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best double bass pedal

Best Double Bass Pedal | 2022

Playing with a double bass drum pedal is an important step in every drummer’s career, and there’s no better way to do it than with the best double bass pedal. Many music genres like metal, rock, or punk require, more often than not, a double bass drum pedal. To the surprise of everyone, the history …

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best drum racks

Best Drum Racks | 2022

Why would you buy one of the best drum racks, you might ask? Well, for a couple of reasons. When you have a wall of stands in front of you and their legs start getting in the way of each other, it’s time to consider using a drum rack instead. Drum sets are not only …

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best drum thrones

Best Drum Thrones | 2022

Drum thrones aren’t exciting at all and I understand that. I used to think like that too. Why would we waste a couple of hundred dollars on a drum throne when we can get a shiny new cymbal or replace all of our drum heads? The truth is, even though they aren’t exciting, they are …

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