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best electronic drum pad

Best Electronic Drum Pad

When I landed my first gig, buying the best electronic drum pad I could get at the time was indeed a smart decision. As a gigging drummer, unless you’re playing massive tours, you’re probably the one in charge of transporting and setting up your own kit. Plus, a smaller gig often means that you’re most …

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millenium mps-850 review

Millenium MPS-850 Review | 2022

Looking to invest in the popular Millenium MPS-850? I firmly believe it’s one of the best options when it comes to electronic drum kits under $1.000. I’ve recently decided to invest in an electronic drum kit, just like a big portion of the drumming community, but for a slightly different reason. My problem wasn’t lack …

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millenium mps-750x review

Millenium MPS-750X Review | 2022

Millenium is, after Roland and Alesis, one of the biggest brands of electronic drums. The Millenium MPS-750X is their second-best-selling kit. If you’re here, it’s pretty safe to assume you’ve heard of Millenium before. If not, let me introduce you to the world of high-quality, inexpensive drum gear. Thomann, located in Germany, is currently the …

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best midi drum pads

Best MIDI Drum Pads | 2022

Looking for the best midi drum pads? Thanks to them, making music has never been easier. They are essential for anyone who’s serious about producing music but doesn’t know how to, doesn’t want, or can’t record traditional instruments. Instead, they can use a MIDI drum pad connected to a virtual instrument to trigger samples, create …

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