best cymbal bag

Best Cymbal Bag | 2022

As a beginner, you’ll quickly realize the importance of investing in the best cymbal bag you can afford. Cymbals are not only delicate, but they are also extremely expensive to replace, putting a dent in anyone’s budget. Unless you’re a cymbal brand endorser or were born with a golden spoon in your mouth, you should probably …

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best cymbal stacks

Best Cymbal Stacks | 2022

Looking to add one of the best cymbal stacks to your arsenal? I haven’t played without a cymbal stack ever since I added my first one to the kit. Of course, at the time, they weren’t as popular as they are today, so most drummers would stack their old, unused, and, more often than not, …

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best budget cymbal pack

Best Budget Cymbal Pack | 2022

Every beginner should consider the best budget cymbal pack they can afford since high-end cymbals cost as much as an old Toyota Corolla. As a drummer, there are a couple of things where you don’t want to cheap out, and cymbals are one of them. There’s no worse feeling than playing with terrible-sounding cymbals, and …

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best low volume cymbals

Best Low Volume Cymbals | 2022

Why low volume cymbals? The drums are loud, and cymbals are probably even louder. Luckily for us, we can now buy low volume cymbals. As a drummer with 20+ years of experience, it hurts to admit I’ve had a mild case of tinnitus for the last five. In case you’ve never heard of tinnitus, according …

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