best cymbal bag

Best Cymbal Bag | 2022

As a beginner, you’ll quickly realize the importance of investing in the best cymbal bag you can afford. Cymbals are not only delicate, but they are also extremely expensive to replace, putting a dent in anyone’s budget. Unless you’re a cymbal brand endorser or were born with a golden spoon in your mouth, you should probably …

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pelican case alternative

Pelican Case Alternative | 2022

Looking for a Pelican Case alternative? Opened the article by chance and don’t know what a Pelican Case is? Don’t worry, there’s an answer for those questions, and many more, in this same article, including a list of the best pelican case alternatives currently on the market. What’s a Pelican Case? A Pelican Case is …

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best snare stand

Best Snare Stand | 2022

As a drummer, the best snare stand isn’t usually that exciting when compared to all the gear we use daily. The truth is, the snare drum is the most played piece of any kit, and the older and more experienced we get, the more we value a good quality snare drum stand. When shopping for …

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best electronic drum pad

Best Electronic Drum Pad

When I landed my first gig, buying the best electronic drum pad I could get at the time was indeed a smart decision. As a gigging drummer, unless you’re playing massive tours, you’re probably the one in charge of transporting and setting up your own kit. Plus, a smaller gig often means that you’re most …

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